2017-2019 Executive Board &
Elected Officers

President: Kendra Seeley
President Elect: Josie Valdez
1st Vice President: Caroline Herrin
2nd Vice President: Heidi Balderee
Recording Secretary: Carol Harley
Corresponding Secretary: Celina Milner
Treasurer: Gwen Springmeyer
Historian: Jessica Christopher
Immediate Past President Shauna Scott-Bellacommo

Directors of Legislative Committees

Erin Preston – R, Co-Chair
Becca Riding– D, Co-Chair

Energy and Natural Resources:
Gay Lynn Bennion – D, Co-Chair
Kari Malkovich – R, Co-Chair

Health and Human Service/ Retirement:
Holly Richardson – R, Co-Chair
Peg Alderman – D, Co-Chair

Business and Labor/Public Utilities/Workforce:
Sophia Hawes-Tingey – D, Co-Chair
Heather Andrews- R, Co-Chair

Judiciary/Law and Criminal Justice:
Donna Murphy – D, Co-Chair
Barbara Stallone – R, Co-Chair

Affiliate Director of Utah County: Carolina Herrin

Appointed Board Members
Public Relations: Becca Olea
Co-Public Relations:
Bulletin Editor:
Policy Chair Nancy Lord
Physical Arrangements Bette Voorhees
Time Keepers: Joe Bycroft and Joni Greenwell-Bycroft
Sergeant-at-Arms: Junko Shimizu
Attendance Membership Committee: Carolina Herrin
Parliamentarians: Kathy Boyer
Chaplin: Heidi Balderee
Recording Secretary Assistant:
Celebrations Committee: Brandy Farmer, Kathleen Anderson
National Issues Chairs:
Melanie Bowen- R
Tay Gudmendson – D

State Issues Chairs:
Kendra Seeley – R
Shauna Scott-Bellacommo – D