About WSLC of Utah

The Women’s Legislative Council has earned the reputation of being a bi-partisan organization, representing no special interest group. The Women’s State Legislative Council’s policy of hearing both sides of issues, weighing the factors involved in solving problems, and taking a stand on legislation has made it a respected organization in Utah.

Membership is open to organizations and individuals. Currently, there is one affiliate council located in Utah County. Delegates from the affiliate councils report the actions taken by the Legislative Council to their respective organizations. Delegates represent a broad cross-section of the population in terms of geography, economics, culture, politics and religion. Bi-partisanship is achieved by alternating the leadership of the Council of the two major political parties each biennium. There is also equal political affiliation representation on the Executive Board and the study committees.

The Council meets in the general session on the fourth Wednesday during September and October. Weekly meetings on Wednesday are held during the legislative session beginning in January. See the events page at http://wslcofutah.org/events/.

The meetings are divided into legislative study committees. The committees are responsible to schedule experts to present to the body and to inform both the pro and the con of potential issues and legislation. Following are the five study committees:

  • Business/Labor/Economic Development/Workforce Services/Public Utilities and Technology
  • Education
  • Energy/Natural Resources/Agriculture and Environment
  • Health and Human Services/Retirement & Independent Entities
  • Judiciary/Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice/Political Subdivisions/ Revenue and Taxation/Transportation/Government Operations

Action on legislation originates from the Legislative Study Committees or the Council floor in the form of resolutions supporting or opposing bills. The resolutions are presented to the delegates at the general session for approval. If they are adopted, they are emailed to each Legislator, as well as the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Once passed delegates and members may then lobby for the bill’s passage or defeat.

Learn more by reading our past news bulletins. Bulletins are published after each meeting and posted online at http://wslcofutah.org/bulletins/ summarizing the information presented on issues and is an aid to delegate reporting, as well as to Legislators, Senators, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.